Ultimately we all want our pet to be happy and healthy. On this page we offer advice and tips on the healthcare issues you need to know as the owner of a dog, cat, small animal or reptile.


A happy and healthy pet will love playing, be it small pets running and hiding in tunnels, dogs playing with chews, balls and tugs, cats chasing a laser light, or a hamster running round on its wheel.

Even reptiles such as a bearded dragon will enjoy stimulation from ‘toys’ such as a hideout, a bridge or a laser pointer.

Play is vitally important for your pet’s mental health and for you to interact and bond with your pets.

Interactive toys are designed to mentally stimulate your pets and prevent boredom as they work out how to find the hidden treats.

Treat balls filled with tasty treats encourage exercise as your pets have to move them around to get the treats out. The hole size can be adjusted to vary the difficulty level.

We have lots of toys including interactive toys, treat balls, wood gnaws, climbing frames, wooden houses, platforms, tents, seesaws, natural willow toys, tunnels, hammocks, snuggle pouches, beds and so much more.


It’s not just puppies who can be trained. Dogs are lifelong learners and love to please, so your older dog will be just as willing to take on the challenge if you are patient and keep your expectations realistic.

Come in store and speak to us for advice on various training methods including, reward-based learning, clicker training, toilet training and crate training.

We stock whistles, treat bags, waist bags, muzzles, training leads and lines, harnesses, head collars, pet corrector, clickers and target sticks.

Cats also need to be trained to use a litter tray and cat flap.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team will chat to you about the various methods and aids needed and recommend the most suitable approach for you and your pet.


All pets love to be comfortable when it comes to sleeping and relaxing. Whatever the species, you should create an area for your pet that reflects their specific nesting, heating, climbing, chewing or space needs.

Our dog bed section focuses on high quality, value for money beds. They are built to last and made from quality materials or fillings. Most beds are machine washable and many have removeable covers. Come in store to browse the many beds we have.

If you are getting a new puppy you don’t need to spend a lot of money on a new bed at first as they will chew it and possibly grow out of it. Start with Vetbed which is comfortable and easy to wash and dry.

Cats, reptiles and small animals don’t always choose to use their beds, but it is nice to provide one! Some small animals and reptiles are just happy to burrow down in sawdust, hay or sand.

To keep fish comfortable they need a healthy aquarium. Tap water must be treated and the water filtered. Some species required supplemented heat. There are myriad parasites, diseases and fungi which can affect the water in the tank, and we have a number of disease control products to keep your fish healthy


We stock a broad range of quality pet foods in store including brands; Excel, Science Selective, Gerty guinea pig and Russel Rabbit. You will also find ferret food, chinchilla food, hamster food, gerbil food, mouse food and rat food.

We focus on natural treats, and you will find a vast range in store for your small furries. We have the full ranges from brands like; Natures Own, Mr Johnsons, Beaphar, Vet IQ, Science Selective and many more. We have mineral blocks, salt licks, nibble sticks, bite size treats, popcorn, locust beans and carrot shaped biscuits, we even have burgers and ice cream shaped treats. Whatever small pet you have we are sure you will find something they will love.

For dogs and cats we offer a large selection of wet food, dry kibble and raw food. We also stock frozen marrow bones, trachea, necks, sprats, ribs, wing tips, whole wings, hearts, and carcasses. These are a great addition to your raw feeding for keeping teeth clean, mental stimulation and exercise for their neck, jaw and paws.

Why not try Frozzys? It is a dog treat with a difference – you won’t find any preservatives, artificial colours or flavours in Frozzys frozen yogurts. Natural, simple and healthy ingredients that your pooch will love eating and you will love feeding them. Check them out in-store at Pet Stop

Pet Stop visitors love stocking up on our natural dog treats. You will find Ostrich tendons and bones, pigs’ ears, goats’ ears, buffalo ears, pigs’ tails, pigs’ snouts, buffalo tails, buffalo trachea, bull pizzles, lamb pizzles, buffalo braided pizzles, beef tendons, beef tails, lamb tails, hooves, air dried bones (these are not cooked, so the risk of splintering is much lower) cow udders, lamb spaghetti, tripe and jerky. We have recently added cow ears and lamb ears with hair to our range, these are a great natural wormer and are proving very popular.

For reptiles, not only do we stock Dubia Roaches, crickets, mealworms, locusts, waxworms and Morio worms, but we also clean and feed our live food, ensuring freshness and gut loaded bugs ready for feeding. Our frozen range includes pinkies, fuzzies, different sized mice and rats and turtle food.

We also sell a wide range of natural holistic herbal superfood supplements from brands such as Billy No Mates and Dorwest.

Our high-quality aquarium and pond food provides catfish and other algae eaters, fancy and common goldfish, pond fish and tropical fish with a complete and balanced diet.

And for your outdoor friends we have wild bird food, hedgehog food and chicken food.


If you are getting a new puppy don’t give them hard chews such as antlers until they are six months plus. They should have pizzles, toy chews, or Nylabones (suitable for under six months).
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