Small animal food have progressed a lot over the last few years and we stock some really good brands including Mr Johnsons, Excel & Science selective. We stock both muesli and nuggets, the nuggets help to prevent selective feeding and maintain a balanced diet as each bite is the same. You will find ferret, chinchilla, hamster, gerbil, mice and rat food too.


Treats are a great way to bond with your pets as you can feed them by hand. We have lots to choose from including sticks, popcorn and bite size nibbles.

The full range of naturals from Rosewood can also be found in store.


Hay is the most important part of a rabbits diet, it makes up 80% of it and should always be readily available for both rabbits and guinea pigs. We stock everything from meadow hay to sweet green hay, alfalfa hay, timothy hay and hay with added fruit, veg & glowers. We even have the mixes separately to add to your hay, this will encourage natural foraging and entice fussy eaters to tuck in.


IF you are looking for bedding then you have come to the right place, we have straw, shavings – from small block right up to bales, carefresh, back 2 nature paper based, wood based, paper wool and hamster litter. Rabbits are super easy to litter train meaning you can just clean out the tray so much less waste and much more hygienic.


Toys and gnaws are great for reducing boredom and stimulating your pets. We have interactive games, treat balls, activity bridges & playgrounds, and every shape and size gnaw you could possibly want, with over 4 metres dedicated to this section you will be spoilt for choice.


Did you know hamster would run up to 2 miles a day in the wild? Access to a wheel is vital for them. It should be large enough so that they are not arching their back while they are using it, our wheels and flying saucers go up to 30cm, suitable for hamsters, mice and rats.

We also carry 3 different sizes of exercise ball but these should be limited to a few minutes at a time. We don’t stock cages bit we have everything else you could need from bowls & bottles to cage cleaner and litter trays.


We don’t stock hutches but we do stock some fab out door runs, they all fold away for easy storage and they are made from galvanised metal so they will never rot or be chewed through.

How to prepare your home

Make your home safe if the pet is one that is allowed to roam:

Only use an exercise ball for a few minutes at a time

Add some bits to your hay to encourage natural foraging

Feed a nugget food to discourage selective feeding

Hamsters should always have access to a wheel

Never wake a sleeping hamster for a cuddle

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