Raw Food

Raw Pet Food

Whether you are starting a Raw Food diet for your pet or you already feed your pet raw food, at Pet Stop we have a large selection in store for you. 

Raw feeding can help with lots of issues including skin problems, ear problems, and it can help strengthen your pet’s immune system and improve joint and bone health. 

Raw fed dogs will benefit from improved skin and shiny coat, firm stools, clean teeth and overall general condition. 

Even the fussiest dogs who turn their nose up at even the most expensive kibble will usually gobble Raw Food up. 

Raw feeding is becoming more and more popular, however it can also be daunting as a dog owner when you are just starting out down this feeding route. 

  • Do I add veg?
  • How much bone do I need?
  • How much Offal should I add? 

Most of the Raw food we stock can be classed as ‘balanced’ as they contain the correct ratio’s. We also offer the DIY range if you wish to follow this route.

We are always here to help with any raw food questions you have.

Always do your research, and all the top raw food brands have a wealth of information available on their websites too.

There are lots of opinions out there and you will find what is right for you.

Pet Food Brands

Inside our shop we have 12 freezers packed full of Raw Food. Our brands include The Dogs Butcher, Betsy’s, Natures Menu, Nutriment, Cotswold Raw. Durham Animal Feeds, Finer By Nature, Paleo Ridge. Nuture Them Naturally, Purrform & Wilsons.

Plus a great range of bones, necks, wings and chunks.

You’ll also receive a discount on bulk purchases of your Raw Food.


  • Don’t introduce bones straight away as their tummy needs to adjust in acidity first
  • You should aim to feed 5 different proteins over a month.
  • If they are struggling to poop add in some boneless meals.
  • Don’t mix raw food and dry food together, they should be fed separately if feeding both
  • Adult dogs need feeding 2-3% of their body weight
  • Puppies need feeding 5-6% of their body weight
  • Spread it on a lickmat to make it last longer
  • Always remove large pieces of bone from their food
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