Dog Harnesses

A dog harness offers safety, comfort and style and we have over 20 different harnesses for you to choose from. 

Our harness range is one of the largest in store selection locally and we cater for the smallest puppy up to a Great Dane.

Leading Harnesses Brands

Ruffwear is currently one of the top brands in harnesses, and you can see why as these harnesses are built for the outdoors.  

Perfect fit is a fleece harness which is made up of different parts, each part comes in 3 different sizes so every size and shape should find the, well, perfect fit. 

Alongside this you will find Ezydog, Julius K9, Hurtta, Ancol, Trixie, Dogmatic, Halti, K9 Active, Hem & Boo and Miro & Makuri.

The dogmatic range of head collars can be great to help reduce pulling. 

Within our selection of harnesses, many are ones the dog steps into so they don’t need to go over their head, (which some dogs are not keen on.) 

Training Support

A lot of our harnesses also have a lead attachment on the front as well as the back, you can then use a training lead clipped on the front and back which can also help with heel training. 

Harness Fitting

It’s important the harness fits your dog and also that they feel comfortable wearing it.  Our harness fitting service is available in store – just ask one of the Pet Stop Team and they will be very happy to help you.  

If your dog nervous or unpredictable we can fit their harness outside, or we have an enclosed room we can use giving you complete peace of mind about their welfare and safety.   There’s no need to book a harness fitting, however if you are travelling to visit us and you’d like an appointment please get in touch. 

Book a Harness Appointment

Collars and Leads

Once you have your harness selected and fitted, we also have over 100 different collar choices to complement your harness and a great selection of leads too. 

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  • Harnesses should fit snugly with a two finger gap around them
  • ID tags should always be worn
  • No harness is escape proof, if your dog backs up, don’t try and pull them forwards
  • Mesh harnesses are not recommended for stronger dogs as they stretch
  • If you are worried about escapees use a halti link between your harness and collar
  • Never use a head/ neck collar with an extendable lead
  • Many of the harnesses we stock make suitable harnesses for travelling in the car, with a dog seatbelt attachment
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