Whether you need everything to welcome a new puppy into your home, a new dog harness or just a tasty treat for your pooch, we have a huge range of carefully selected products especially for your dog. 


We are passionate about feeding your pets and most of our dog food ranges are grain free. Seven is our most popular brand with 60 per cent meat at £47.99 for a sack, which is great value for money. Millies Woofheart is also a fantastic grain free food available in over 10 varieties.  

Alongside these you will find Lily’s Kitchen, Fish 4 Dogs, Edgard & Cooper, Arden Grange, Acana, Royal Canin and James Wellbeloved. Cold pressed food is fast becoming popular and we stock Wilsons & Forthglade  


Our wet food range is made up of some really tasty foods. We have the full Forthglade range. These are always on offer at buy 10 and get your 11th free.

The Carnilove range has some noval proteins you don’t usually see including Ostrich and Buffalo. You will also find Natures MENU, Country Hunter, Millies Wolfheart, Country Hunter and many more. 


With over 10 freezers full of Raw Food we have everything you could need. The Dogs Butcher, Durham Animal Feeds, Paleo Ridge, Betsy’s, Nutriment, Finer By Nature, Natures Menu, Nurture Them Naturally, Cotswold Raw and Wilsons. 

We offer a 5 per cent discount on orders over £50 and a 10 per cent discount on orders over £100.   

Pet Stop Harness


Our dog apparel section is one of the biggest choices you will find locally. We have over 50 different collars and just as many leads. Plain, patterned, bling, leather, plain nylon, martingale, the choices are endless. 

We have short leads, long leads, rubberised leads, training leads, fashion leads, bungee leads, rope leads and flexi retractable leads. There is a harness for every dog here with brands such as Ruffwear, Perfect Fit, Ezydog and Julius K9. Fittings are available anytime 


We have extensively researched many dog coats so you don’t have to and we stock the ones we think are the best, offering practicality and comfort for your dog.  

Most of our coats are fully waterproof and offer some good underneath coverage. The Trespaws range are made by Trespass and are built for the outdoors. For full coverage, we also have complete mud suits. You will also find a good choice of dog jumpers and fleeces. Your pets are always welcome in store for a fitting to make sure you get the perfect coat. 


Our beds are built to last, we have searched the country for the best quality brands such as Earthbound, Danish Designs and Snug & Cosy.  They are not made with cheap fillings so they will keep their shape and they will also blend in perfectly with your décor!

We also have a good range of blankets, lying mats, plastic beds and elevated beds. We also stock VetBed and sell this by the meter in six different designs.

Pop by the shop with your pooch for a test snuggle.


We focus on natural dog treats, pizzles, moon bones, tendons, ostrich bones, hooves, the list is huge. Most are available as single items so you can pick and mix. Natural treats are very easy to digest and great for even sensitive tummies. The hairy treats are also a natural wormer.

Alongside these we have a vast range of dog biscuits, training treats, sausages and dental chews, many of these are grain free too. We have a Pick n’ Mix biscuit section where you can simply fill a bag (or bring a tub) with your favourites.

Our dog sweet shop is always popular with over 40 different treats included in a 7 for £5 offer. Pet munchies are on a permanent offer of 2 for £5.50 and whimzees are buy 4 get the 5th free across the range.


With over 10 metres of toys the only problem you will have is choosing!

We stock the full Kong range, the fab Fluff & Tuff, Sodapups, Chuckit and many more. We have tough toys, rope toys, soft toys, tennis toys, rubber toys and Nylabone.

Whatever size dog you have you’ll frind toys just for them.


Mental stimulation is incredibly important, it can be as beneficial as a walk and will help tire out even the most lively dogs.

Lickmats can be covered with all sorts of things, and Kongs can be stuffed for maximum attention. Our favourites for this are Doggy peanut butter, Trixie pastes, Jr Pate, doggy ice cream or a good wet food. These can then be frozen to add another level of difficulty.

K9 Connectables are a brilliant range of stuffable toys, these can be joined together to create more difficulty and you can add extra.

We also have a great range of Trixie interactive games, snuffle mats, and treat balls.


Whatever training stage or challenges you might be having with your dog, our team are on hand to listen, not judge.

We will do what we can to help, and if we can’t, we know people who can. From whistles to muzzles, clickers, training leads, head collars, Dexil collars, training lines up to a whopping 20 metres and some very stylish but practical treat bags, we have you covered.

How to prepare your home

Make your home safe if the pet is one that is allowed to roam:

Antlers should not be given to puppies under 6 months.

Don’t buy an expensive bed for a puppy, wait until the chewing stops.

Pizzles are a great starter chew for puppies.

Use a really, really tasty treat just for recall training.

Never use a flexi lead with a head/neck collar.

Freeze your Lickmat or Kong to make it last longer.

Make sure you treat your house if your pets has fleas.

Soak a rope toy and freeze it to help ease teething pain.

Mental stimulation can be as beneficial as a walk.

Never leave a pet unsupervised with anything, including toys and treats.


When you’re taking your dog out in the car, whether a short journey or on holiday the highway code states pets must be restrained in the car.

Your insurance might also be void if an unrestrained pet causes an accident. More importantly, for your pet’s safety they should be secured in your car using the correct products. Pets should never be restrained by the neck (or collar). Most walking harnesses will double up as a car harness with the correct clip in dog seatbelt restraint. Alternatively you might find using a proper car seat, carrier, crate or guard in the boot is better for you.

All of these products are available in store and we have become experts at fitting them in your car for you. And to keep those seats clean from muddy paws you’ll love our seat covers in various styles.


Unsure which brush is the right one for your dog? It can be difficult to get the right tool for for their coat.

Our dog grooming range includes combs, detanglers, slickers, soft brushes, rubber brushes, shedding combs and hair clippers. Not forgetting scissors and nail clippers. Your pooches will look like they stepped out of the salon!

You are welcome to try any brushes on your pets before you buy too.


Celebrating your four legged friend’s Birthday or Gotcha Day soon? We know it can be just like celebrating another member of the family and we love to celebrate a birthday here at Pet Stop. For your dogs special day we have cakes, bow ties, hats and birthday toys to make sure their special day goes with a WOOF

If you are a new dog owner you will need to invest in some dog shampoo and conditioner in preparation for its first bath. Choose one that suits the dog’s hair type. Take advice on the best brushes or combs to buy and maybe buy some scissors too in case you need to do the odd trim. You might also decide to buy nail trimmers.

Choose a towel that will be your puppy’s own and have some treats ready to reward him or her after their first bath!

A cat will also need brushing and its claws clipping. They do tend to groom themselves so you would only need to bath a cat if it got into something dirty and smelly.

Small animals groom themselves and are not usually bathed unless they come into contact with something toxic that needs to be washed off.

A new puppy or kitten should be taken to the vet for a wellness check and any vaccinations that are needed. It’s important to take them within days of bringing them home so they can be started on preventative treatment.

Small animals such as rabbits and hamsters should also be taken to the vets as soon as possible after purchase.

It is also recommended that reptiles be taken to the vets for an initial physical examination within the first week of ownership.

Introducing your new pet to other family pets can feel a bit overwhelming so make sure you manage the introduction carefully and supervise the new pet closely.

If you have a cat and are bringing a new puppy home, put the cat in a room with a litter tray, their bedding, food and water. Allow the dog to explore the home and sniff around. Then when your dog tires put it in its crate, or a room with the door closed and let the cat out into the house to get used to the dog’s scent. Alternate this for a few days before they are introduced.

If you are introducing a new dog to your existing dog it’s a good idea to start off in the garden with them both on leads. Let them sniff each other and run around and play, but if either gets aggressive separate them and try again later. Don’t favour either animal and give lots of treats as rewards for good behaviour. Your new dog needs his own area for sleeping and eating in the early days.

Your new pet may be tired and a little intimidated when it comes home so aim to keep children calm and not overexcited. Sit on the floor with your child and the puppy or kitten and wait until they approach you. Stroke them gently and ask your children to speak in soft voices. 

If you have a small pet let them get settled in to their cage or hutch before opening the door. When they are ready they will come out and explore. Keep their time with children limited at first and be conscious of safety first.

The general advice when bringing a puppy or kitten home is to continue feeding what they are used to but slowly introducing a new food of your choice.

We can advise you on the best way to do this to avoid upset tummies.

The food preference may be down to the owner – e.g. raw, dried or wet food. Or it may be dictated by a health condition of your pet. Again, we can advise you on this if your vet has suggested your pet is allergic to something, or would suit a certain type of food.

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